Answers to frequently asked questions
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    How much do you charge?
    We charge $549 for a psychological evaluation (diagnosis and treatment recommendations involving psychiatric conditions). The charge is $599 for neuropsychological testing (testing for dementia or other cognitive issues).
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    Is there a sliding fee scale?
    No. Our fees are already well below what is typically charged for this type of service.
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    What is the age range?
    Our online testing currently is for those 15 years of age or older.
  4. Q
    How long before I get results?
    We are able to get results to most patients within 72 hours.
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    Why not charge my insurance?
    We could, but we have designed this as a quick and convenient alternative to waiting for an appointment and going to an office. We are making the access quick, the price inexpensive, and the turnaround time fast by not having to file insurance.
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    Can you send results to my MD?
    Yes, with your permission.
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    What happens after a request?
    You will be sent secure links that allow you to fill out an online patient information form, download an app for Android or IPhone for the video call evaluation, and complete psychological testing online.
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    How long do interviews last?
    This will vary depending on the complexity of the case, but you should budget at least an hour of time to be available.
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    What testing do you use?
    For psychological evaluations you'll asked to complete the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory - 2. For neuropsych testing, you will be involved in an interactive interview that uses sections of several well-known neuropsychological instruments.
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    What's determined by testing?
    We will give a diagnosis based on interview and testing results. Based on those results, we will also make treatment recommendations. We don't provide treatment but can help you identify practitioners who provide suggested services.